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the extravirgin

olive oil

Since four generations, with more than 8500 plants,

every year in October we collect, grind and bottle

the PETRUCCI extra virgin olive oil.


After the harvest, which happens manually,

the olives are brought to the mill

and pressed within few hours,

by cold extraction,

this process enables the production

of a superior quality oil, 

the best possible and does not allows any alterations.


The production is then stored in steel tanks at a controlled temperature, to then move on to the final phase  in the company's bottling.


All the process happened to be under our strict supervision.

Our extra virgin olive oil,

it has the typical characteristics of

bitter and spicy but well balanced, fruity and yellow-green.

the extravirgin

olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil,

it is bitter and spicy but remains balanced and unobtrusive,

it has a very low acidity (below 0.2%) and is rich in polyphenols , typical characteristics of a quality oil that has not lost its nutritional and organoleptic properties during the process.

It is fruity and yellow-green in color .

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