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petrucci oil
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• Extra virgin olive oil is rich inpolyphenols,quality oil is therefore a bomb of antioxidants

•An oil becomes Sabina DOP, only after being chemically and organoleptically analyzed (it is also tasted!) isL'only certification that also guarantees the final product!

•Protect your Oil fromOxygen, LightAndHeat, are his sworn enemies!

•L'bitterand thespicythey are positive qualities

of an oil.

•An oil is Sabina DOP only if it has thepink dot

• Our oils are Aromatic,unflavoured, so they are made with Olives and Lemons, Oranges or Rosemary! There are no essences or perfumes, they are milled together, this guarantees their detoxifying and energizing properties.

•The color is not an indicator of quality (certainly a brown oil should make you suspicious).

• Don't be afraid to fry with EVOO, it's the healthiest and most digestible fry!

•Try the Lemon Oil with any fish or vegetable, the Orange one for  sweets, Salmon or chicken breast and the Rosemary one with legumes, you won't regret it.

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