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a family



Founded by the Camilli family, 600 years ago,

our company is located in Sabina, precisely in Fara in Sabina, 

where a landscape fulfilled by olive trees tells

a millenary history.


In 1814, Gaspare Camilli opened the first company oil mill,

and today

four generations later,

we continue sharing the passion with you for

the Sabina region and its products.



We are inside the production area recognised as Sabina PDO.


Salviana, Olivastrone, Frantoio, Raia, Carboncella, Leccino,

are some of the varieties, among our 8500 olive trees,

 symbolising our centenary passion.



We harvest manually in October and November 

and grind them the same evening.

The Frantoio and the bottling company,

are under our strict supervision, 

allowing us to deliver a

superior quality and strictly controlled

extra virgin olive oil.


The Sabina PDO certification.

Companies that recieve this recognition

and market the production with this quality certification,

comply with a specific "Production Disciplinary" and are subject

to the strict control of Agroqualità,

appointed and recognized by the Italian

Ministry for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.



Olio Petrucci is since 1996,

among the top three producers, for quantities of Sabina DOP certified oil.


The company also respects the EC regulation. 2078 | 92 for agriculture

environmentally friendly today better defined as eco-sustainable.






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