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Sabina DOP 3 liter can
  • Sabina DOP 3 liter can


    Carboncella 50%, Raia 30%, Frantoio 20%.

    An oil with marked characteristics, which enhance the territoriality of the varieties that compose it. The cultivars make this oil particularly balanced without giving up its distinctive features: fresh and medium fruity, well-contained bitter and spicy components that make it pleasant and long-lasting.

    Thus reflecting the characteristics of the Sabina DOP oil.

    To receive this certification ( read more) the oil is subjected to chemical examinations and panel tests , which guarantee its quality and belonging to the territory.

    The olives, harvested exclusively by hand, of the Carboncella, Raja and Frantoio varieties between October and November, are processed within a few hours, through cold pressing so that the highest quality and the maintenance of the organoleptic properties are guaranteed.

    Material: Tin

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