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Hazelnut with Sabina DOP oil 250 g
  • Hazelnut with Sabina DOP oil 250 g

    Hazelnut cream with Sabina DOP oil, from the Sabina Dolce line.

    Cocoa is not only cholesterol-free, but can contain up to 35% of Oleic Acid, a monounsaturated fat, FANTASTIC for our body, of which Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich!

    Palm oil? Seed oil? nahhh, no hydrogenated fat for a delicious but above all healthy cream, a polyphenol bomb so you don't feel guilty!


    Upon gustatory examination it has a soft, velvety and moisturizing texture, while the flavor of hazelnuts is penetrating and persistent.


    Ingredients: Cane sugar, Hazelnuts, Sabina DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil (18%), vegetable fibres, cocoa, salt, sunflower lecithin.



    Free from hydrogenated fats, GMOs,  emulsifiers, dyes and preservatives.

    May contain traces of lactose, milk proteins, nuts and peanuts.

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