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Petrucci Sabina DOP oil in 750 ml tin
  • Petrucci Sabina DOP oil in 750 ml tin

    CAMPAIGN 2022/2023



    Carboncella 50%, Raia 30%, Crusher 20%.


    An oil with marked characteristics, which enhance the territoriality of the varieties that compose it. The cultivars make this oil particularly balanced without renouncing the its distinctive features: fresh and medium fruity, well contained bitter and spicy components that make it pleasant and durable over time, which denote a large presence of polyphenols.

    Reflecting so, the characteristics of theSabina DOP oil. 


    To receive this certification(read more ) the oil is subjected to chemical exams and topanel tests, which guarantee its quality and belonging to the territory. The DOP is the only certification it providesthe tasting!


    The harvest between October and November of the Carboncella, Raja cultivar olives e Frantoio and the immediate processing within a few hours, through cold pressing, guarantees the highest quality and maintenance of organoleptic properties.


    Material: Tin 

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