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Sabina DOP BIO oil 500 ml

Sabina DOP BIO oil 500 ml

CAMPAIGN 2022/2023


A unique oil that combines two different certifications. The Organic and the Sabina DOP have two different specifications, one di Produzione for the Sabina DOP certification, compliance with which is controlled by Agroqualità SpA, specifically authorized by Mipaaf; and one of production for Organic certification, over which Suolo e Salute supervises.
The production regulations contain all the rules for running the olive grove, for transforming the olives in the BIO SABINA DOP oil mill and for packaging the oil which must be strictly observed in order to obtain SABINA DOP and Organic branded oil. Soil and Health ed Agroqualità SpA check and supervise compliance with the specification. In particular, Agroqualità SpA declares the suitability of the oil by issuing a certification, while the Protection Consortium issues a numbered tag like the one shown below, to be placed on the packages. Furthermore, each numbered package, intended only for the DOP SABINA, allows the oil traceability entering the information contained on the mark (capacity, production year and serial number) in the appropriate fields, thus managing to trace the name of the producer, the municipality of production and the main cultivars from which it was produced the oil.


Collection Period:  4 - 10 October.
Perfume:fruity olive, notes of fresh grass and artichoke.

Taste: fruity velvety uniform aromatic sweet, bitter due to the very fresh oils.


Buy 6 or 12 and save!


Material: Tin 

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